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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

1:34 PM

Young preteens russians


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From: A.K.
Subject: Counting to Ten 5/7 (beginnings)----------------------------COUNTING TO TEN
by Andrej Koymasky (c) 2010
Written on September 15th 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised
by Peter Cowley-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"COUNTING TO TEN" is a gay pretty young preteens story, with some parts containing
graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion,
family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better
not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't
care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my
welcomed guest.-----------------------------5 - TADDEO GIVES HIMSELF TO NANDOAnd finally came the day when Taddeo, under hypnosis, lay on the bed to
be massaged. The boy, making an evident effort, when he was preteen pictures model naked on the
bed, murmured: "Come on, you too... I too want to... to massage you...
in that way..."Nando, excited, undressed and lay near the naked body of the other. They
started to massage each other, but it was more like an erotic caress
than a massage. After a while, at Ken's signal, Nando bent down to give
head to Taddeo and after a few minutes also the boy bent to suck Nando,
under the amused and attentive look of Ken. Until both boys came, each
in the other's mouth, eagerly drinking each other's gift.Nando looked at him getting dressed and leaving. preteen nubile art
Then Ken rapidly
undressed, went on the bed and, without saying a word, he took his
assistant, fucking him with great gusto - the scene had excited him very
much. He took Nando for a long while, until Nando reached a second,
strong orgasm, and then Ken also unloaded inside the welcoming young
man's little ass, moaning with him in his pleasure."Oh, Ken, I want him... I want to fuck him... He is now ready, isn't he?
Tell me that in the next sitting I can finally fuck his nice ass!""I don't yet know. He is going faster than I thought, but... Do you like
him so much?""To die for. I want him...""We will see what we can do in the next sessions..." Ken said merrily,
then, not yet sated, started again to fuck Nando.But Nando was losing strength of will that enabled him to exercise a
certain amount of self-control.So, one evening that he took the elevator and that he was alone with
Taddeo, Nando said to the lift boy, without hypnotizing him: "I wanted
to tell you something...""Yes, sir?""I like you very much."Taddeo blushed and murmured: "Thank you, sir.""Would you become my boyfriend, please?""I... I like you very much, but..."Nando leaned against him, in silence, put his hand on the boy's fly
fingering him, pulled him to himself and French kissed him. The boy
resisted him, weakly wriggling away in silence, but Nando felt that
Taddeo was getting a strong hard on. The elevator stopped and Nando
parted from the lift boy just a moment before the door opened.Confused, regretting letting himself go in that way, Nando was leaving
when Taddeo stopped him pulling his sleeve, and murmured: "I like you
very much, sir... May we meet after my shift?""Eh? Yes, sure... will you came to my room?""The staff cannot go in the guests rooms... Can you wait for me at the
Ketty bar, here in front of the hotel, at eleven? And then... we can
go... to my place, if... if you want." Taddeo said with a low voice,
blushing deliciously."Yes, sure. I'll be there..." Nando answered deeply excited, while the
elevator door was sliding close.He said nothing to Ken, but at a quarter to eleven he left his room and
went to the bar to wait for Taddeo. He arrived black horny preteens a few minutes after
eleven. He wasn't wearing his tight uniform any more, but jeans and a young sexy preteen
shirt. Nando welcomed him with a wide smile."Good evening, sir." the boy said, slightly blushing."Hi. My name is Nando... I'm just a little older than you, don't call me
sir...""Yes, out of duty... as you like, Nando.""Were can we go? At you place, you said?""Yes, if you like. It's small, but quiet...""Do you live alone?" Nando asked while they were going."Yes...""Do you know that I like you very much?""I too like you... But I... it is the first time that... so you have
to... teach me all...""Yes... it will be great...""I... I must confess you... that I'm somewhat... preteen modelno nude
scared...""By what? By me?""By you... I never did it, as I told you... not even with a girl... You
will be the first. I like you, but... You resemble someone I saw...
someone who makes love with a boy resembling me... He puts it inside him
and... Will it not hurt?""Do you want me to take you?""Yes..." Taddeo whispered preteen rape picture and violently blushed.Nando was already fully aroused. He smiled: "I'll not hurt you, don't
worry. You will see, it will be beautiful...""I hope... but I wanted to try... and... with you...""I too, from the first time I saw you."They arrived in the small studio of the boy. As soon as Taddeo closed
the door, Nando took him in his arms and kissed him deep in his mouth.
Taddeo at once eagerly returned the kiss, suckling with pleasure Nando's
tongue that was roaming inside his mouth. Nando started to undress him
with feverish hands. The boy panted, and let him do it, docile, but
already preteen rape picture aroused."Undress me..." Nando asked, prey of a very strong excitement."Yes..." the boy answered, starting to undress the youth.When they were completely naked, their clothes spread all around in a
mess, Nando whispered him with a voice hoarse with desire: "Suck it,
now..." and slightly pushed down on the youth shoulders. Taddeo readily
knelt in front of him and started to lick and suck the hard member that
the other was offering him.Then preteen japaneese escorts Nando seized pretty young preteens
his head with both his hands, and started to fuck him
into his mouth. Taddeo moaned, prey of a strong pleasure, welcoming that
strong and hard member and letting it slip into his throat, sucking it
with greediness.But after a while Nando slipped out of his mouth, made him stand up and
panted, excitedly: "Where is the bed... I want you...""It's here..." the boy whispered making a panel of the closet turn down
and revealing a ready made bed.Nando pushed him on it, making him lie on his back. He spread the boy's
legs and knelt between them, rising them and making them lie over his
shoulders. Taddeo, docile, let himself be manoeuvred, looking, with
slight apprehension in his eyes, to his expert fellow."Now I'll make you mine, Taddeo...""Yes... but, be gentle, please...""You'll like it, preteens cute real Taddeo. You'll like feeling me inside yourself...""Yes..." the boy murmured with emotion, waiting anxiously the moment he
would lose his virginity, and caressing his companion's chest.Nando bent to lick and lube the boy's still unviolated hole. Taddeo, at
that contact, quivered. Nando worked him for a long while, with sheer
passion, rimming the throbbing little hole, and anticipating the
imminent penetration."Now, if you relax completely, my beautiful boy, I will not hurt you..."
Nando said getting ready to finally violate that untouched door of
pleasure.As he felt the hot glans leaning decidedly on his flesh bud, Taddeo
quivered again. Nando was pushing with slowly increasing strength,
excited feeling the instinctive resistance of the still virgin hole of
the boy to his invasion.He started to penetrate him and Taddeo did a faint moan: "No, please...
I'm scared...""No, relax, boy... I want you badly..." Nando said continuing to push
with more energy and feeling the tight opening to surrender little by
little."No no, please... no... preteen tiny swimsuit stop it..." Taddeo moaned, shaking his head, but
doing nothing to escape that first, determined intrusion.Nando then seized dark angel preteens
his wrists, holding them fast at the sides of the
boy's shoulders, continuing to push open his way inside the boy, and
starting to invade his hot and tight channel.Taddeo moaned in a low voice: "No, Nando, no... stop it... it hurts...
no, please..."But Nando, a little for the strong desire he was feeling, a little
because the boy, even repeating his no, in reality did nothing to escape
him, continued, and rather increased again his pressure, starting to
inexorably slip inside him."Oh, nooo... nooo..." the boy moaned, closing his eyes."Yes! You are mine! I'm entering you, I'm making you really mine!""Oh my god... it hurts.... Oh, Nando... yours is too big... I'm not
used... Stop, please....""No... I am now almost all inside you..." Nando panted excited,
continuing to slowly sink inside the boy his hot, stiff, strong pole."Oh, Nando... ooooh...""Yes, Taddeo, you are mine! You are finally mine. Tell me you like it...
go on, tell me...""No... yes... oh god! Ooooh.... You are... making me die...""But you like it, say it!" Nando insisted entering him more and more
deeply, gently holding him still under his body."Oh god... oooh... it hurts... I feel you... it's so big...""No, it is just right for you, feel how it enters you, so smoothly... I
like you, Taddeo, I like you so much! You have a nice little ass, hot
and tight, a real delight... Here... here... I'm all inside you." he
panted when he felt that his preteen nubiles girls groin was strongly pressed against the
small, firm, round buttocks of the no more virgin boy.Then he started to move back and forth, with slow and gentle strokes,
tender even if determined and firm. Taddeo was quivering under him,
panting, his eyes tightly shut. He moaned lowly, but his moans, more
than of pain, were now clearly of pleasure. This made Nando even more
excited, so that he started to give stronger thrusts to his going and
coming inside the conquered channel of the boy."O my god, preteen bbs playtoy Nando... oooh... it hurts... oooh..."Nando continued, but now was no more keeping him still, he was caressing
his body, kissing him, continuing to take him with increasing pleasure.
Their mouth united again and Taddeo started to preteen rape picture suck his companion's
tongue with passion - he preteen nudism pussy
had completely surrendered. This made increase
even more Nando's arousal who felt he was rapidly approaching his final
explosion. So he started to massage with his hand the throbbing member
of the boy, and with the other to tease preteen modles legal
his small, flat and firm
nipples. Taddeo was shuddering stronger and stronger, and became all
tense... They finally cummed together, Nando in the just violated
deepness of his companion, and Taddeo between their tense bellies.Panting, they relaxed, the throbbing member of dark angel preteens Nando still deeply
embedded inside the little ass of his companion."You hurt me..." Taddeo complained, but with a sweet voice."Because it is your first time, and you weren't able to completely
relax. But, you'll see, each time it will preteens cute real
be more and more beautiful for
you too..." the youth whispered gently, without withdrawing from his
companion.He caressed him for a long while, until he felt he was really relaxing.
Then finally parted. He embraced him, cuddling him, almost to apologize
for the little violence he used to him. Taddeo cuddled against his
chest, then raised his face and searched with his lips for Nando's lips.
They united in a long kiss. Without a word, they started again chubby preteen modeling to caress
each other with sweet intimacy. Taddeo had forgiven him.And rather, after not even half an hour, with a faint voice, Taddeo
whispered: "I... I would like... doing it again...""Really?""Yes... take me again, please...""But, didn't it hurt you?""I don't care. I want again fell you move inside me. I want feel it some
more...""But, isn't it too big?" Nando joked, lightly caressing and kissing him.Taddeo answered to his kiss, but with sheer passion, clinging to him and
spreading his legs in a clear offer. Nando at once got a new hard on,
and started again to open his way between the boy's sweet buttocks.
Taddeo caressed Nando's body, and when he felt that he was again sinking
inside him, with a deep sigh he pushed his ass against his groin.Taddeo then murmured with deep emotion: "Oh yes... take me..."Nando didn't need to be told twice. He took the boy, this time with real
transport, without controlling himself - Taddeo wanted him!The boy started again to moan, but this time he was whispering: "Oh,
soooo.... yes... sooo... go on... harder... go on... yeeees...."Nando stared to hammer inside him with growing pleasure, caressing and
kissing the boy with sheer passion. The boy answered with the same
passion and now, his eyes open, smiled him joyfully."Do you like it? Tell me!" Nando asked looking deeply in his eyes, while
he was pumping inside him, making his fresh and sweet body jolt at each
thrust."Oh, yes, I do..." Taddeo panted.Nando felt happy for this answer and felt almost grateful to the boy as
he wanted, making again love with him, tell him how much he was enjoying
that sexual experience, his first... Having taken the boy's virginity,
made Nando feel a sense of responsibility towards the boy. He was his
first man, he was the first person with which the boy had sex... He
wanted Taddeo to be happy at least as much as he was feeling happy.This time they both needed more time to reach their orgasm, and both
they enjoyed very much that second, long union. After Nando came, he
wanted to make Taddeo cum inside his mouth, so he bent down to suck him,
caressing him and teasing his nipples at the same time, and he
discovered that the boy was particularly sensitive in that place. In
fact Taddeo was tossing and rocking all over, because of the intensity
of his pleasure, and when he unloaded himself in the eager mouth of his
young companion, he moaned aloud and strongly in his pleasure.Panting, he relaxed on the mattress and, looking at Nando, said: "I
really enjoyed it a lot, even more than before... I would have liked it
to never end... It is legal preteen 3d too good feeling you inside me. You are strong,
you can do with me anything you want..." and he blushed.Nando understood that what the boy was telling him, was what the boy
really desired - to be dominated. Not in a S and M relationship, that
Nando would never have accepted, but like an adult and a boy, even if
they were so close in age. He wanted to be dominated, taken, but also
protected, cuddled. And he was ready to do all that. Taddeo was giving
himself to him, body and soul.To be sure of his intuition, Nando asked him: "Do you want to belong to
me?""Oh, yes!""Will sl magazine preteen you always do what I tell you?""Yes, always.""Anything and everything?""Yes, sure... you can try me...""In a while, I have to move to another city, with Ken, for our shows.
Perhaps for a while we will not able to meet.""Oh..." Taddeo murmured, disappointed."Will you wait for me? Will you avoid having sex with other people,
meanwhile?""Of course preteens cute real
I will. But... do you promise me that you will come back to
me?"Nando thought a little while, then, caressing him, asked: "Would you be
ready to leave your job and to follow me?""If you want me to do so, I'm ready.""Just... for the moment I will not able to maintain you and you will not
able to find a new job, Ken and I seldom remain in the same place for
more than one month...""I... I want to be only yours... But you... are you Ken's lover?""I have sex with him but I am not his lover. I pretty young preteens like you so much. I
really want you to become my steady lover.""I too want to be... I want to belong to you...""We will be here still for another ten days... then... I will see what
we can do...""During this time, will you come and make love with me?" the boy asked
with a sound of hope in his voice."Of course, yes."They embraced tightly, almost clinging to each other. They kissed with
passion. Nando became again aroused and the boy, as soon as he become
aware of that, with a sweet smile, without a word, offered again himself
to his new, and first lover. And for the third time, they made love.When Nando was back to his hotel, it was two 'o clock a.m.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 6-----------------------------In my home page I've put some of my stories. If preteens free photo someone wants to read
them, the URL ishttp://www.geocities.com/~andrejkoymasky/If you want to send me feed-back, please e-mail atandrejkoymaskygeocities.com---------------------------

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